About the Maker: Ana’ole

Our featured Hawaiian ukulele maker this season is Ana’ole. Ana’ole ukuleles are all handmade on Oahu, Hawaii. The luthier, Garreth “Bula” Yahiku was trained at G-Sring Ukulele by Derek Shimizu before branching off on his own in the early-mid 2000s. Please see our selection of Ana’ole ukuleles here.

Below you can find the details of our selection of Ana’ole ukuleles. Ana’ole handcrafts ukuleles from a variety of tonewoods including Koa, Mango, Spruce, and even curly Kiawe. The Ana’ole “A” logo on the head of the ukulele is inlaid with white or black sand. Ana’ole are not produced in a large quantity, and thus are often unavailable outside of Honolulu. The variety of local woods that are utilized will provide you with a range of tones to choose from, as well as some beautiful wood grain. Ana’ole also produces some of the most creative custom work on the market. Keep checking in to catch a rare model, or full custom!